DEMO 2014


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released April 30, 2014

INFEROS on this recording is:

Sean: Guitar, vocals
Tome: Bass
Cruz: Drums

Recorded at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emmeryville, CA.



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INFEROS Oakland, California

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Track Name: Allegiance Revoked
Admiration dissipates
Plagued with devotion, uncertainty lingers
Lapsing in torpor of bitter revile
A presence crawling from black air

Despondent reverie
Honing the blade dull
Weather me with cold regard

Misfortune at our heels
On streets of turning glances
That mark the devil in our eyes
Yet manifest a weakling envy

Unbending disgust
Allegience revoked
Track Name: Garden of Scars
My garden of scars has grown so unkempt
The old man quietly going mad
Delivered from the ocean to choke in the sand
Who will ring the death knell then?

Now I’m stranded in an ageless trance
On a glacier of coruscating glands
Electrode surges in sapling hands
Sharpened at an igneous glance

Through the eye of a needle
We are slipping away
Behind the walls of the tree line
The storm gathering

Erogenous gap of generations in flux
Stalactites in Limbo of cavernous lungs
Culminating humour in her animal crux
Falling at the tip of my tongue

The blade is rusted and dull
But the wound glimmers
Like millennial winter
Drawing to a close

In the dead of night I remember
Dragging my body to the shore
Looming at the brink of sanctuary
The shepherds chained to the earth
Track Name: Grey
Upheaval in stone
Enshrined secrets of earth
Thrust into view
Resplendent structures

The road looms ever steeper
Crawling on hands and knees
We scale the fractured plain
Eyes on the burning horizon

Voices in the gale
Breathe curses on mortals
Movements in the haze
Awaken congenital fears

Crystal veins pooling in the glass
Fragmented light dispels the grey
Numbness creeps through every limb
Vision eclipsed, color fades

Holding pattern
Slow, circular and true
Hemming in the stragglers
Wearing them out

Revulsion infecting rapture
Peeling back the veneer
Oh beauty, so thin
Paradise demeaned

Eyes widen
Lungs constrict
The waters run free
Confusion and warmth
Slow sinking into liquid
Darkened and infinite
Pain in the distance
The waters fall still
Aimlessly directed
Emptiness pervades
Time evaporates