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My heart is cold and rotten
No trace of love or remorse
Wrapped in a swarm of unborn tears
Like flies around a corpse
Mutilated genitalia
Feed the hungry wolves
Circling vultures wait to pluck
The eyes out of my skull
Oozing putrefaction
Riddles my remains,
Crawls from my lips
Like the maggots in my veins

Stench of open wounds
Choking noxious fumes
Festering flesh
Writhing with insects
Silent embrace of the tomb

Bloated fit to burst
Vermin slake their thirst
Drapery of entrails
Skeleton unveiled
Rigor mortis does its worst

Cancer my soul devours
My body the feast of worms
Mangled in a pale corruption
Disfigured and deformed
Skin in reeking tatters
Exposed and shriveled guts
My rank, infested carcass
Returning to the dust
Congealed emotions
Seethe in mute decay
Abandoned and dismembered
Rotting all away


from Heirophant, released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


INFEROS Oakland, California

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